Andrew Jorquera’s Dance Story: From Shy Guy to Performer

Andrew Jorquera in front of Niagra Falls

Growing up I had a lot of anxiety about doing things in public. No denial there.

Dance, by far, made me the most anxious. So much free expression made me nervous. Also people would make fun of me if I danced and it looked stupid or wrong to them.

Meanwhile, I envied my father because he was not afraid to dance in front of a shit-ton of people. It just looked like a lot of fun and I always wished I could do it.

My parents are from Chile and Brazil, and although they didn’t have Salsa there, my dad loved to dance. Whenever they played disco at a family event he was out on the dance floor!

From Band to… Salsa?

I did find band in high school to be a “safe” option, because I could read music and could march. I know I have rhythm, but I still was completely inhibited with dance. I mean, I could get drunk and have a good time, but with Bachata and Salsa you suck as a lead if you are drunk.

One day, over four years ago, I decided to conquer this fear that I knew was all in my mind.

And it just so happens that I saw a Groupon offer. I bit the bullet … and started. A studio called Salsa Heat in Orlando was my first incubator. And ever since then it has been an absolute addiction.

Nowadays, I eat, breathe, and live Salsa and Bachata!

From Avoidance to Love of Dance

There wasn’t a eureka moment for me.

It’s just that even interacting with people I don’t know really makes me nervous, but I could dance with them and communicate with them that way.

I knew I was a good lead and didn’t have to worry about the impression I’d make, like saying something awkward, exactly as I tend to do with new people.

Why is Social Dancing So Great?

There’s just something about doing something you’re good at and constantly improving on it. It’s like going to the gym. You feel good every time you go and get stronger. I feel good every time I become a better dancer .

I just think about when I moved to Miami, I’ve grown so much, learning to dance on2, and now I’m a much better dancer on2 and I can still get better dancing on 2. Improving, progressing makes you feel good.

SalsaSpots is so important to me because I try to find somewhere to dance pretty much every single day of the week, and figured it should simply be an easier process than it currently is.

Dancers: Ask me for a dance!

DJ’s and Instructors: Reach out to me to see how you can be a part of SalsaSpots.

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