Dalia’s Superb Nomadic Dance Strategy

Montage of Dalia F dancing around the world

Flashback:“I don’t know how you go dancing all around the world. To clubs in cities you’ve never been to. Where you don’t know anyone. By yourself!” my cousin asks me incredulously with her eyes pinned on mine, half admiring, half in disbelief at the risks she perceives I’m taking. “Well, yeah. I’ve got my strategy,” I confess simply. Collage of me in all of the different cities dancing. Today:60+ cities and I have shaken “it” all around the world. Lisbon. Málaga. Curacao. Alexandria. San Juan. Cairo. Hurghada. Milan. Frankfurt. Marseilles. Trust me, if the town is large enough to warrant an airport, it has some kind of dance scene nearby. My dance night honing strategy does start with Google, but Google is simply not enough to find the really great nights.

Sure, Google dance spots, but BEWARE!

1. Your Google results will most likely be an Events page or listing, but you have to dig deeper. WARNING: DO NOT take the Events listing you find on search results as the gospel. Why?If you are a serious dancer, oftentimes a Google search will give you a ratio of about 30% serious dance events and 70% commercial places where there are zero serious dancers. Not fun. But there’s no way for you to know which is which until you do a little more asking around. See #2 and #3.

Get Friendly on Facebook, But Give Yourself at Least 2 Weeks

2. Facebook. When you run your search for “Salsa in Milan,” for instance, go through all sections: People, Pages and Events.

  • On Dance-related Pages: post a question to the general public on the best dance night and specify your favorite type of dance. Be friendly and write a one-or-two-sentence description of yourself.
  • On Dance-related Events: Take note of the pictures of their space on the events page: are there actual dancers there? If someone is tagged, look up their profile.
  • On Dancers: Would you be bothered if a stranger asked you general questions about the dance scene? Actually, you’d probably look forward to dancing with someone who has a different style from outside of your normal dance circle. Am I right? So no one else will think you are weird for contacting them. Don’t be shy! Write a dancer a message!

– Look up dance festivals in the area and even if there aren’t any going on during the time you’ll be there, contact the organizer, who will really be “up” on the best dance nights. – Look up dance competitions and find the dancers from the countries where you are going.Note: there are some countries whose population prefers a totally different social media. For instance, Spain has Tuenty. Russia and China have their own more popular social media. Find out which social media reigns in the country you’re going to and then open a profile. Let the new social media access your email contacts. This would probably be the quickest way to see if your friends in your city of residence already know people in the dance scene where you’re going!

Top Advice for the Nomadic Dancer to Find Dance Nights in ANY City

3. Top Advice: write your globe-trotting dance friends on social media that you’re traveling and ask them if they know anyone there!

Why SalsaSpots is the Nomadic Dancer’s Dream App

Now, with an App like SalsaSpots, you don’t have to do all of this prep work, and compare all of the venues to see where the real dancers go. Why? Because DANCERS rate the venues. Because the ENTIRE dance community in the area is on the app. Instead of having to search among millions of profiles on Google or Facebook that have zero to do with dance before you come upon 1 dancer, with SalsaSpots you have a closed community of dancers at your fingertips.SalsaSpots answers that question: how do I easily find superb dance spots, superb dance instructors and superb DJs? It also is a catalyst to grow our South Florida dance community and get us better connected. We also love newcomers and want them to enjoy their time integrating into the SoFla dance community quickly. Let’s have the whole world raving about the dancers, DJs and parties in South Florida!

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