Love in the Time of Coronavirus, #4

Screenshot of search for ticket to Gran Canaria

Limits are being put on travel to the US, which could affect my dance vacation. I’ve decided whether to stay, go, or see Elias. But Friday the 13th starts off like a bad omen.

Searching for the Scariest Ticket to Gran Canaria

“You can stay with me. I can offer you a place to stay and food at least,” He’d made this declaration the morning after I told him about the travel ban and losing my job.

Our chats and conversations had brought us even closer. I felt like I had stumbled upon a dream. He is who my heart has been waiting for. Not actively looking because it doesn’t just seem like a waste of time. It is a waste of time. And, yet, here he was. Unexpectedly.

It can all be a falsehood, though, can’t it? So many things could go so incredibly wrong. And failure could make me go through that whole cycle of disappointment in love and enduring the pain again before being able to feel myself again: bold and happy.

Building up the courage and willing to take the risks, I looked up flights the following night.

Finding one easily for as little as 158 Euros convinced me to follow this strong pull that I feel towards him.

The following night just before going to bed, I sent Elias a screenshot of the flight and asked if I could still come to him. I smile, imagining his happy response, but with fear of our time together ending in failure.

Friday the 13th ….

You might want to make the sign of the cross over yourself to avoid any of my bad luck based on how badly this day began.

  1. My supervisor confirmed that they were letting most of the contractors go on our team. Which included me.
  2. I didn’t get the satisfaction of hearing an excited “¡sí! ¡bienvenida!” from Elias. Instead, he wrote some nice good morning nice messages, completely ignoring my question. To which I asked: “Does that mean you don’t want to see me?” His reply was that his uncle was in the hospital and he was the only one who could take care of him. “Now’s not a good time.”

How could I deal with both of these pieces of news in one day?

The layoff happened more precipitously than I’d expected and while I’m out here dealing with possibly having to run around through airports because of coronavirus.

Also, after putting aside my feeling of utter vulnerability to ask a man if he wants me to take a flight to see him, knowing I’m going out on a limb and things could blow up in my face… and he says no?

For some reason, I reach out to my friend, María, through a chat and in defeatist humor point out that it’s Friday the 13th.

María surprises me with “Yes! You know about my connection to Friday the 13th? I’ve always loved that day! I was married on Friday the 13th!”

In a jolt, I could imagine that this didn’t necessarily have to be a bad day. That for many it is a great omen, and if it is for someone I feel such an affection for, like Maria, then maybe it would be for me, too.

And… it was!

Find out how my Friday the 13th ended…

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