We'll Find The Issues Before The Bad Guys Do!

Protocol4 understands the critical importance of securing your digital assets in an ever-evolving threat landscape. Our comprehensive Penetration Testing services are designed to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities, ensuring the robustness and resilience of your online platforms.

Key Services

  • Manual Security Assessment

  • Our team of certified ethical hackers will conduct a meticulous examination of your digital assets to identify potential vulnerabilities. Protocol4 utilises industry standard methodologies to conduct all engagements ranging from web applications, wireless networks, and mobile applications to external and internal networks.

  • Vulnerability Scanning

  • Vulnerability scanning is a proactive and systematic approach to assessing the security of your digital infrastructure. Think of it as a thorough health check for your systems and applications. Our specialized tools meticulously examine your network, servers, and software to identify potential weaknesses or vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors.

  • Real World Attack Scenarios

  • We employ industry-leading methodologies and tools to simulate real-world cyber-attacks, providing an accurate representation of your system's security posture. This helps in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities before malicious actors can exploit them.

  • Detailed & Comprehensive Reporting

  • Upon completion of the penetration testing, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing identified vulnerabilities, their potential impact, and recommended remediation strategies. This actionable intelligence empowers your development and security teams to implement effective countermeasures.

01Scoping & Rules of Engagement.

Scoping and establishing Rules of Engagement (RoE) are fundamental steps in ensuring the success and effectiveness of any cybersecurity project. Simultaneously, establishing Rules of Engagement lays down the ground rules for the testing process, encompassing the dos and don'ts during the assessment. A clear and concise RoE helps in fostering a collaborative and transparent relationship between the Protocol4 testing team and you, setting expectations regarding the testing approach, communication protocols, and any constraints to be observed. Together, these practices ensures Protocol4 executes a targeted and ethical evaluation, providing valuable insights into your security posture while respecting your operational constraints.

02Engagement Execution

Protocol4 will engage in reconnaissance activites, followed by vulnerability analysis to identify potential security pitfalls in your network or application. This phase involves Protocol4 attempting to exploit identified vulnerabilities and simulating real-world cyber-attacks. Throughout this process, thorough documentation is maintained for accurate reporting. During testing, Protocol4 will always emphasize communication and collaboration with your company, immediately notifying you of any critical findings and making you a key component of the assessment process, ensuring a comprehensive and effective evaluation of the security measures in place.

03Report Delivery and Closeout

Report delivery and closeout mark the culmination of a thorough and collaborative cybersecurity engagement and the most important phase of the engagement between Protocol4 and you. After the penetration testing process is completed, the focus shifts to compiling a comprehensive report that outlines the findings, vulnerabilities, and recommended actionable remediation strategies. Protocol4 will schedule a closeout call at your convenience to review the report and answer any questions you may have regarding the test or remediation.